Tarah Singh

90-MINUTE 1:1 ART sessionS

Drawing, Painting, Plein Air Painting, Live Model Sessions, Print making, Chalk Pastels, or Mixed Media

Or one of my Signature Workshops: 

“Blind Contour”

“White on White”

“Our Style is in Our Mistakes”

“Creating Color"

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Mondays & Tuesdays
10 am and Noon

Art Garden AVL 
The River Arts District
191 Lyman St #316 Asheville NC 28801

Once you pay for the session, you'll receive a link to Tarah's calendar to book your time.

empower your inner spark

A lot of people I encounter say, “I used to create,” or “I use to like to make things.”

Let me assist you in getting back to your former creative self.  

There seems to be time “before” the judgmental inner voice, the “when I had time” that allowed us to have FUN and flow in our authentic voice.  

I look forward to our session and look forward to seeing what sparks you and ignites your creative flame.

Now is 
your time

Self care is one of our responsibilities that is overlooked.  

Taking the time to acknowledge our passions, talents and ideas is a worthy endeavor in all of our lives.  

If you are pursuing art as a pleasure or a career, it is important to remember that this path is one of apprenticeship and growth through practice.  

Take the step today to enhance your life.

DISCOVER THE next step on your ARTISTIC path

Join me TO explore
your artistic transformation


Once you pay for the session, you'll receive a link to my calendar to book your time.

Art to Explore

Media & Workshops


drawing, painting & live models

Drawing is the fundamental for painting, 3 sessions or an approved sketchbook of work will need to be reviewed before being admitted into painting class.

Painting, Acrylic painting classes will be taught, students will be encouraged to produce works in their own voice.  Mixed media will be discussed and encouraged.

Live Models classes will be scheduled Monthly as a fun way to explore gestural drawing and technique in the students' choice of media.


blind countour

Have you ever really looked at the objects around you?  I mean felt the edges of things with your eyes? This workshop is meant to transform the way you draw and judge yourself as you create.  This is a fun exercise in shape making and evaluating what it is you are witnessing.


white on white

This activity is a practice of seeing the world around us through a new lens.  We are all familiar with a prism and how they work to separate the light spectrum.  

White contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum. This study of White on White has the students take the time to really see what is being reflected back to your eye when viewing an object.  Join me on this visual adventure.


our style is in our mistakes

Communal  drawing activity that  will lend itself to the conversion of what is your style.  What is our perspective and what does it take to be a model?  (4+ participants required)


Plein air painting

I will select a location that we can go enjoy the outdoors and create.  Let me lead you on your next adventure, bring your easel and creative tools along for the ride.



This medium is a pleasant reminder that there is no line, come get your hands dirty and let your imagination go wild, with vibrancy. 



The Sky's the limit with your imagination.  This is a class for intermediate creatives that want to expand their vocabulary, come experiment with many media and see what flows through you.   



What is in a color? Frequency? Vibration, spend the day evaluating and in conversation about what you think you see, and experiment in how to make the shades of your dreams.  Art is a language, lets play with your dialect, and see where it takes us.

Upon registration, you will receive a materials list and all the necessary information. 

If you're interested in booking a joint time with another person or in registering for the “Our Style Is In Our Mistakes” Workshop, which requires four or more people, please reserve a time and we'll connect to make arrangements.


What would I need to bring to the session?

When you register I will give you a materials list for your session.


Can I have a longer Session?

You are welcome to attend class more frequently or mark out for a double session if our schedule allows. 

Are there discounts?

If you purchase 6 or more sessions you can receive a 10% off , classes must be used within 60 days.

Will YOU WORK WITH younger students?

If they are serious creatives, they will be considered.

Can two people ATTEND A SESSION together?

Yes, but the cost is for each individual. 


My schedule may evolve to include one evening a week if there is a need, but I usually reserve this for my own studio time.


Tarah Singh

Tarah Singh is a visionary creative, working in any media to communicate with the world around her. She often states words are NOT her medium, but relies on brushstrokes, color, and textures in paintings or sculpture to initiate conversations with her audience.

She is a multi-faceted creator with experience as a  designer, stylist,  consultant, chef, welder, painter,  and mother, just to name a few things.

Her dedication to the plight of women globally and the uplifting of the creatives, Tarah strongly believes that artists are historians, creative problem solvers, and experience curators.  Without a designer nothing comes into existence.

kind words from clients

“Tarah Singh is a true creative. Her perspicacious nature, technical astuteness, and ability to 'think like an artist' provide her with the limitless resources she uses to innovate, educate, and produce in her every endeavor.”

—Cleaster Cotton

"Where I was uninspired, she offered inspiration, where moving quickly on projects, she offered wisdom in moving forward. She is a true visionary and a great support..always willing to offer her guidance and creative input, to move projects forward, while also offering creative advice, which always bears fruit in the end project.

—Leacy B. Ott

Let's work together to learn something new and co-create.